I loved every aspect of Tiny Treks!  I look forward to doing it with my other two children when they are old enough.  Our Tiny Treks class was my son and I's special "date day.”
                                                                                                         -mother of 3 year old son
I'm hoping to encourage a love of nature in my kids so I'll have backpacking partners someday. Tiny Treks was a great start. My kids love to go to the park now and take me on a nature walk, pointing out plants and animals they know, just like our teacher did.
                                                                                                          -mother of two Tiny Trekkers
Tiny Treks was the highlight of our year.  It was a great reason to spend one morning each week outside.  It was an amazing way to learn about new parks and nature preserves in our area.  It was a chance for my kids to just be kids, out in nature, when so much of the rest of their week is inside and scripted.  We love Tiny Treks.
Everyone should participate in a Tiny Treks class at least once in their lifetime. Our kids are learning how to appreciate nature, which may mean that they will be more proactive in protecting our environment as they grow up. In our at times sterile world, they also get to enjoy the all the dirt that comes with exploring the great outdoors. I was always sure to bring an extra set of clothes knowing that my little guy would be the first one in any body of water found. There is nothing more enjoyable than to watch kids laughing while stomping through puddles after our rare wet days, or ending up in the creek beds after getting too excited tossing stones in the water.
                                                                                                         -mother of two Tiny Trekkers
I loved getting to spend time with my spirited boy in an outdoor setting with other non-judgmental parents (parents who might not have a spirited child but who did not resent my child for the energy he has).
                                                                                                         -mother of 3 year old son
I knew about Tiny Treks many years ago and now wished that I would have made time to be a part of it with all four of my children.  I only took the class with my youngest and regret that now.  It's such a great program!  Every child should be a part of tiny treks!
The children's favorite is always the train ride day. The boat ride at Shoreline was also a great treat. The program has a good balance between hikes that the adults can enjoy as well as the children...in other words, you have a good balance of places that are purely hiker-oriented such as Wunderlick Park, Arastradero Preserve, etc. and the ones that have playgrounds. What's in your program is perfect.
                                                                                                         -mother of 2 year old Tiny Trekker