Frequently Asked Questions

For Parent/Child Classes

Where do you meet each week? 

We meet at different outdoor locations each week in the surrounding area of each class. We try to keep the locations between 5 and 30 minutes away. However, there are a handful of locations during the school year that will be a longer drive. The places we go range from open space, forest preserves, parks, gardens, farms, and beaches. Each parent will receive a calendar and a weekly email with specifics to each location.

What do you do when it rains?

Playing in the rain and mud offers wonderful learning opportunities for children at this age.  Some of our locations have picnic shelters that we use for extreme weather.  Parents are notified by e-mail the morning of the class if there is a change.  

What is a typical day at Tiny Treks?

We begin each class with an introductory activity. We then move to circle time where we sing songs and get warmed up for the day. We then go on a hike exploring the special things that each location has to offer. During the hike we will usually find a place to do story time with a healthy snack. We have down time from the hike with either nature related crafts, music and movement and/or games. Although each destination makes for a different day, there is continuity throughout the year through our curriculum and structure. We end each class with a closing circle.

If I can't make my day can I attend another class?

Absolutely! We know children can get sick or travel plans conflict with classes at times. We try to be flexible and accommodate our families as much as possible.  You can make up on another day within your class session.  

  • You cannot carry make ups to another session.

  • During the school year, all make ups must be completed by May 1st.

Can I take a class with more than one child?

Yes. We welcome siblings and have a sibling discount of 5%. Use the Code SIBLING

Can I bring a baby sibling?

Yes. We are a very family friendly program. We even spell out in our information guide stroller accessible locations for baby toting parents.

  • All children, in front pack/Back pack and stroller, under 12 months, are free.

  • Children 13 to 17 months are 50% off.

                 Use code 13-17MONTHSIBLING

18 months-24th pay full tuition with 5% SIBLING discount.

              Use code SIBLING

Are there any weeks off?

We try to follow the school calendar of each main location. This includes Thanksgiving week, winter break, February break, and spring break.

I know in a traditional parent participation program my child will be exposed to colors, the alphabet, etc. Are they exposed to these things in Tiny Treks?

Our curriculum has been carefully developed over the years to intertwine basic learning with nature. We feel that there is no better exposure to the building blocks of language, science, music, art and exploration than in a vibrant natural setting.

Do you host parties for children? 

Yes, we have several wonderful nature theme parties to choose from. All parties are led by trained Tiny Treks staff. See the party page for more information.

I have even more questions than answered here. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Of course! Feel free at any time to call the program director, Pam Worth, at (650)722-0059 or e-mail her at In Seattle area Contact Ann Glaser at (425) 503-6953 or by email at