Terms & Conditions


“Instructions Included” Parent Educators

By registering with TinyTreks.com (“TinyTreks”, “Instructions Included” or “Site”), you (“Subscriber”) acknowledge that you understand the nature of online coaching and parent education as well as the qualifications and limitations of our Parent Educators (“Educator”, “Coach”).  Subscriber acknowledges that you are providing informed consent to the terms and conditions of Instructions Included, and that Tiny Treks, LLC has delivered this information prior to providing you with any coaching and/or parent education services.

Subscriber understands that though TinyTreks has thoroughly verified and evaluated each Educator’s credentials, we urge all Subscribers to evaluate these credentials independently.  TinyTreks cannot guarantee the success or efficacy of services rendered by any Coach.  Under no circumstances will TinyTreks, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees or agents be held liable for any damages related to the services rendered by any of the Educators utilized via the Site.  All Coaches are independent contractors, and any issue or claim by a Subscriber must directly address the specific Educator.

Member Eligibility

TinyTreks reserves the right to terminate the services of a Subscriber if service expectations are discordant.  Tiny Treks’ Coaches/Educators provide guidance on everyday parenting issues.  Examples include: limit setting, sleep, potty training, play and socialization, homework and organization, responsibility development, creating rituals and traditions, allowance, time management, and life/work balance.  Coaches/Educators do NOT provide medical diagnoses and are not medical professionals.  TinyTreks and/or the Coach may refer the Subscriber to a local agency which is better able to serve the Subscriber’s coaching and parent education needs.  TinyTreks will block Subscribers from the Site that are found to be unentitled to services, and may refuse all existing or future services at any time.  ParentTreks services are not open to Subscribers who reside in a country that is prohibited by law from entering into trade relations with the United States.

Distance Coaching & Parent Education

Distance coaching and parent education is delivering a service that is enabled through the use of technology.  Such technology may include, but is not limited to, telephone, email, text message, internet, or video conference.  Distance coaching and parent education is subject to the laws, rules and regulations governing coaching and parent education in the State of Illinois.  Service delivery may be impacted by disruption of internet connections, language barriers, cultural differences and time zone disparities.  Subscribers may provide alternative contact information in the case of a breakdown in technology, or if rejoining is not possible.  Subscribers will not issue fault or any warranty for the malfunction of the Site’s performance or of the internet.  All Subscribers understand and agree to all practices outlined in Frequently Asked Questions.

Online Privacy

TinyTreks will never share your personal information with any third-party site.  Subscribers should understand the expectations regarding coaching and parent education online.  Posting any information, verbatim or otherwise from the Subscriber’s communications with a TinyTreks Educator to a third-party site such as Facebook or Twitter is discouraged in order to protect privacy and the coaching/parent education process.  Subscribers post to third-party sites at will and cannot hold TinyTreks or its Educators liable for any resulting actions from such efforts.  TinyTreks will publish on its Site or other social media accounts illustrations of typical parenting dilemmas and solutions for the purpose of parent education.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real situations, is purely coincidental.


By signing up, subscribers agree to an initial 3 month term.  At the end of that period subscribers may cancel or continue by paying monthly.  Subscribers may upgrade and downgrade at any time within that first 3 months but the lowest plan must be the Basic Plan.  If subscriber cancels prior to the 3 months, they will not receive their money back and will continue to be charged monthly until the term is over.  TinyTreks may change Membership fees and/or services at any time and will notify Subscribers prior to modification of service.    


TinyTreks utilizes encryption for email exchanges and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for financial transactions. 

Copyright Notice

All information on this Site is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without prior written permission from TinyTreks, LLC.  TinyTreks.com is owned exclusively by TinyTreks, LLC and all fees, functionality and characteristics are subject to change or termination with or without notice.


TinyTreks assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors and disclaims any and all liability for the use of information on the Site.  This disclaimer does not exclude liability for personal injury or death as a result of negligence.  Subscriber understands that TinyTreks cannot be held responsible for a Subscriber’s dependence or utilization of any services rendered by Educators on this Site.

This Contract shall be interpreted only in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, and any legal proceeding associated with this Contract will occur exclusively in the courts located in Illinois.  Regardless of a Subscriber or Educator’s legal or geographic jurisdiction, all Subscribers understand and agree that any and all coaching and parent education delivered by our Educators shall be interpreted as a coaching consultation and NOT licensed, clinical treatment.  This disclaimer serves as informed consent to all Subscribers who choose to reveal personal information through this Site.