Tiny Treks was founded in 1997 as an innovative alternative to indoor early childhood programming.

"I wanted to create something different, something I wish I had taken with my first two kids. I was familiar with a few wonderful outdoor preschool programs for older children, and I wanted to create something that would be a magical morning for parents and their children that would tie into my strong love of the outdoors and my philosophies about unplugging this generation. The research shows that children in today's fast-pace world have lost touch with their natural surroundings." Pam combined her love of nature and her expertise on healthy, unplugged life styles for young children to create Tiny Treks.

The mother of four children, Pam has worked extensively to develop a curriculum that is fun and stimulating for Tiny Treks participants. She has also created easy and fair policies, such as a flexible make-up policy, the ability to bring babies to class, and on special occasions to bring school-age siblings with days off to class.

It is so important for all of humankind to stay connected with nature. Through wonderful hikes, music, crafts, snacks and stories, Tiny Treks families enjoy the natural world while staying connected to each other in the process.