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Tiny Treks is an innovative, outdoor Parent/Child and forest preschool program for children ages 12 months-7 years. For the past 20 years, we have been teaching and living a belief that children learn best through nature and play- providing hands-on experiences, building social skills and self-esteem.  We engage and excite every sense as your child embarks on amazing Tiny Treks adventures. In our program, children learn compassion, empathy, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

 If you want to infuse your childern with a love of the outdoors, while teaching them through exploration of their natural surroundings, then Tiny Treks is the right program for your childern AND your family!

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Take the Walls Away and Let the Kids Play!

There is no such thing as a normal day in a Tiny Treks classroom because we let nature be our guide

We DO know that young children need predictability and routine, so we set a structured foundation for the class

We build in room for our experienced and thoroughly-trained teachers to create a unique classroom experience out of a beautiful park, farm, beach, or forest in the area.

A Typical Day

A musical circle time with movement, rhythm, songs, and more.

A family-style snack with a themed story time.

An arts and crafts project, when appropriate.

Balancing, climbing, jumping, running and a variety of gross motor skills activities.

Exploration which incorporates problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Hiking and learning about our environment and living things.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

The best way to prepare for the transition to kindergarten, is to live and learn now, without pressure and worry about the next steps. Thousands of Tiny Trekkers, over the past 20 years, have learned that the most important skills in any educational setting are to love learning, take risks, challenge yourself and solve problems. 

Our in-depth curriculum intertwines important kinesthetic, visual and auditory practices to help children with their development and prepare them for Kindergarten. 

With the confidence we build in Tiny Treks, your child will be ready for wherever their journey leads.

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What Parents Say

"I'm hoping to encourage a love of nature in my kids so Tiny Treks was a great start. My kids love to go to the park now and take me on a nature walk, pointing out plants and animals they know, 'just like our teacher did.'"

- Mother of two Tiny Trekkers

"Thank you for hiking, climbing, singing, discovering, asking, reading, feeding, explaining and much more.  Thanks for giving so much to our children!"

- Mother of a Tiny Trekker